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My EntreLegal takes the pressure of getting legal counsel for your business. My EntreLegal is our offers membership-based legal plans that offer your small- to mid-sized business all the advantages of having your own in-house attorney without the ever-mounting fees.

We don’t charge by the hour. This creates a better relationship with our clients and leads to efficiency. Plus, you get legal and business guidance so you can make day-to-day business decisions without wondering if you’re doing the right thing. We’re here to help as an extension of your management team.


What are the Benefits of
My EntreLegal Membership Services?

There are more benefits than we can list here but below are just a few:


When you pay a monthly membership for itemized legal services, you know exactly what you’re paying for, which makes it easier to budget all the expenses of running your business.


Memberships offer a more client-focused approach. You can expect us to focus on your specific needs, instead of providing the services we think you need.

Counsel on standby

In many cases, clients may feel dissuaded from calling their attorney if they charge for every minute on the phone. In turn, clients may make (avoidable) mistakes in order to reduce their legal bill. With our membership, we are here when you need us.
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